Technology and Digital Literacy Blog


This is my second set of classes at ULV and I was still nervous to begin. The first two classes I took was a writing and math course. I was nervous because I have always been scared of anything to do with math. I ended up loving the class and participating in a third grade math class. Now that I have started my second set of classes I am also extremely nervous because I have not been that great at using technology. Growing up I didn’t have a cellphone and when I was a young adult I had a phone, but It wasn’t a smart phone. There was a computer the whole family used but at the time I only used Microsoft Word. I didn’t buy a computer for myself until I was about 22 years old. I guess I was out of the loop. As a college student I am starting to learn how to use technology to complete assignments. It wasn’t until I started at ULV Onlilne that it is a necessity to know how to use different platforms to complete assignments. I am glad it is required because I believe it will only make me a better teacher.  I enjoyed completing 2 truths and a lie assignment because it was a fun and different way to share a little bit about me. By the way for anyone who read my 2 truths and a lie, the lie was that I played a lot of video games.I do have a huge container of yarn. I guess that is what I did before I bought a computer for myself. I loved listening to the four videos in week in week 2. I enjoy listening to new information rather than reading it. Writing up my education philosophy was a bit challenging.  I know what is important to me and why I want to become a teacher, because I am using my own personal experiences as a student. I know that everyone has different experiences and different needs, so flexibility to be able to provide what is needed for each student is at the top of my list. I guess what I am trying to say is that there is a lot to think about when writing up an education philosophy. I also hope to see how it improves and changes over the years. I hope I do well in the class and learn a lot from it. Technology and digital literacy is extremely important and it will be imperative as technology advances and new jobs are created.

Week 4 Reflection

The last two weeks involved a lot of technology for me. I do understand that this is a technology class, but technology scares me a bit. I am almost thirty, but most people are surprised with the idea that I don’t use my smart phone for a million tasks. It is very simple just talk and text and the occasional app. Growing up I didn’t have a phone or a computer. The school I attended didn’t provide that much computer time either. I grew up without too technology with just a television and a very slow computer that I mostly used for printing. These last two weeks have made me feel more confident by just allowing me to play with my e-portfolio and lose some of the fear I have in breaking the technology I do own.

The e-portfolio is an amazing resource to have. It keeps all the important information that is relevant to teaching together. This will allow me to provide accurate, relevant information to a future employer and parents of future students. With this e-portfolio I can address my qualifications and also provide information about how the classroom will be organized and run.

The flipped classroom I believe is a great instructional strategy. Providing a lecture outside of the classroom for students to listen and repeat as possible would be extremely helpful. Reviewing the lectures could help them master the topics and the lecture videos could be used as aids during any assignments that are done outside of the classroom. Parents would also know exactly what their children are learning and what is expected from them. When students attend class they should already have a foundation of the knowledge and would be expected to apply it. I believe this is what is tough and the teacher will be there to guide and make sure the students are understanding. The only problem I see with this instructional strategy is if students don’t have the resources at home to view the lectures. Not all parents are willing or able to take their children to a library or a facility that has what the student needs. Students will fall behind. Also some students with disabilities might also find it difficult if they don’t have the help they need. I think it’s a great instructional strategy for teachers to use, but some might have to wait to use it depending on the socio-economic status of the students enrolled at certain schools.

Week 6

The last two weeks showed me how to use screencast, youTube, and padlet. I had used YouTube for a previous class, but had not used it to its full potential. I was extremely proud of myself for creating the screencast and bulletin board for my future students. Even though I was a bit embarrassed of my YouTube video I showed my niece who is in 7th grade and gave her a quick lesson on how to use it for her projects. She seemed interested in learning about it. Learning to create a bulletin board for a class can make parents and students feel welcomed and comfortable knowing about the teacher and how she wants to run her classroom. The screencast can be a tool for both students and teachers to use in the classroom. Teachers can use this tool to have students listen to lecture outside of the classroom and have more time in class to do hands on activities.

I was extremely surprised by all the copyright rules. I did not realize nor did I have prior knowledge about it. This is an extremely important topic to teach to students and provide them with the right resources and information so they could learn to follow the copyright rules from the start.

Week 8

These two weeks put our skills to the test. We had to use screencast to create a lesson for our flipped classroom and upload it to Youtube. I really like the idea of a flipped classroom but since I have not had any experience as a teacher, planning a lesson did make me nervous. I have not created many lesson plans yet, but this is exactly the kind of practice I need. I tried to base my lesson off of what I have seen during my fieldwork hours. I also had to use my google maps to create a road trip. It was fun and interesting. The map could be used in so many ways. I definitely think that a history lesson would be very fun, especially when includes a lot of traveling from around the world. These types of resources are essential to making any lesson fun.

Week 10

Completing a lesson for a flipped classroom was a great experience. I had to put myself in the shoes of my students and try to make the lecture interesting and as interactive as possible. Try to engage the students through a screen and hope that they understand what I am trying to teach them. I think that the idea of lecturing students when they are at home and doing more hands on learning in class is a great idea. This way students have more time to practice what they are learning for the week. On another note, project based learning also seems to have advantages over traditional projects. This allows student to be more engaged and interested in their learning experience. Even though there are already ideas for projects out there, a teacher can create his or her own and make it unique to her students learning abilities.