Science in the 21st Century


Hello class,

My name is Angelica Farias and I am starting my second year at ULV. An interesting fact about me is that I have this belief that I can make anything because I am very crafty. I crochet when I can and recently starting sewing. My grandmother who is 95 gifted a sewing machine to me about two months and insisted that I begin learning. She has been sewing for most of her life and still continues to sew. I have only been interested in two career paths and they both involved teaching. My Kindergarten teacher had a huge impact on my life. I often visited her as I went through elementary and junior high and she was so encouraging and warm. I think teachers hold the power to greatly impact their students and that is one of the reasons why I want to become an educator. I want to teach elementary because teachers are able to instill the love of learning of all subjects. I would like to start teaching K-3rd grade and then slowly move up to 4-6th. I like the idea of staying at one grade for no more than five years and then move to another. I think it will challenge me as an educator to become better for my students. I hope that this class will provide with the strategies and skills to teach all the major science disciplines. I recently found the love of learning science through an astronomy class. It engaged me and it made look at science differently. I want my students to have the experience I did. I want to show them how amazing science can be so that they don’t feel that it is out of reach for them in the later years. I want to engage them and help them build confidence when learning about science. My fears about science would come from the fact that I don’t have a lot of science in my background and not being able to explain concepts to my students in a way they could understand. I would feel that I have failed them because I want my students to have confidence in themselves on the subject. If they are not understanding the concepts, then they might feel that science is too hard. Science can be a lot of hands on learning, which can make it very exciting for students.






Week: 2


The Sage on the Stage

Lectures feel different depending on the subject that is being lectured. I took an anthropology class and it was mostly lectures. It was interesting and I truly enjoyed the content, but I would drift at times. The class was also three hours long so that made it a bit challenging at times. Even though it was a long class, the context kept me engaged. If there were more hands on learning or discussions it probably would have been better for the students. I did have to review a lot of the content because it didn’t really stay in my brain. The lecture was usually fast too. I have to say that even when I enjoy the content some professor’s lecture and it is still extremely challenging to stay engaged. I’ve also had the experience where the content I was learning was not too interesting and that made it extremely for me to stay engaged. I think they’re should be techniques used a long with lecturing when the lecturing can’t be avoided. In my experience, when professor used the hand held clickers it kept students engaged. Most students wanted to be ready to answer a question if it was headed their way.